• James McNeil

Why putting your "best face" on social media can backfire

One thing we all have in common is something that we don’t all see. We all struggle. We all face uncertainty, we all face rough times, and we all have doubts in ourselves. We don’t always see this, however. One glance at social media can have you thinking that everyone else has their lives together.

It could be said that people have two lives. One they show on social media, and the other one is more real. The social media side looks good to a lot of people. We post our successes to social media, but we hide our failures. Why? Because we don’t want people to see us struggling. So, we don’t see when others are struggling, and it looks as though they’ve got life figured out and they’re doing just fine. This can cause an easily overlooked problem.

When you are struggling to get by, and you see people who seem to have it all together showing how much they have it all together, remember this. You're not seeing their struggle. You don't see them lying awake at night wondering how to keep up the facade. What you don’t see can make you think they don’t know what it’s like to struggle.

This has a huge impact on how we interact with each other, and it explains the lack of grace in our communications. It's much more difficult to show grace and compassion to someone who's doing great while you're struggling. It's much more likely to show those with someone who's struggling right along with you and shows the same to you.

We're all human. We're all dealing with issues. Let’s help each other.

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