• James McNeil

Where's your focus?

“You look ticked. Tell me what happened.” A friend’s kind words broke me out of the cloud of anger and self-pity I had been in.

“I’m having a bad day,” I responded.

“What happened, man?” He seemed genuinely concerned, so I started talking about something that had happened earlier that day. I was on the way home, and someone cut me off. I’d had to slam on the brakes, and I still almost them. I then started ranting about “idiot drivers” and how “nobody seems to care that there are other cars on the road.” I was ranting about this when he spoke up again. “Someone cut you off. What else happened?”


“What do you mean what else?” I said incredulously.

“Well, I know it’s bad, but is that enough to make the rest of the day bad too?”

That’s what snapped me out of it. “Yeah. You’ve got a point.”

I was ashamed to admit I had been focusing on the one bad thing that had happened so much I missed a few good things. We’ve all done it. One bad thing can ruin a mood and keep you focused on it for the rest of the day. So when you’re in a foul mood talking about having a bad day, I have a question. Is it really a bad day or one bad thing you keep focusing on?

In the book, Finding Your Personal Mission, there’s a chapter about having a good day. In this chapter, you can read three positive steps you can take to make every day a better one, but there’s one more thing you need. You need to choose. Your attitude is your choice. You can choose to let the negativity around you drag you down, or you can soar above it and keep your attitude positive.

The choice is yours. Do you focus more on the good things that have happened to you? Or do you lose those by focusing on the bad? There could be days where you have more bad things happen to you than good. I understand that. You still have the choice. What you focus on determines your mood. And it’s your decision.

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