• James McNeil

When you doubt yourself

In the introduction to "Finding Your Personal Mission," I ask this question. Would you want to hang out with someone who talks about you or to you the way you talk about or to yourself?

There are some people who can answer this in the positive, and I am thankful for those. The rest of us, however, struggle with the way we talk about ourselves. We want to believe in ourselves. However, the sad reality is that failure hurts. It does not just hurt our motivation, but it also hurts our self image. It can be difficult to see yourself as someone who can succeed when you think back on the times you failed. Yet it is even more vital that we do believe in ourselves. It is even more vital when we remember the times we fell on our faces to remember that we've succeeded as well.

When we doubt ourselves, we invite fear into our lives. Fear of failure, being out of control, and fear of not being good enough (which is the fear of failure on a grander scale) can overtake us when we start to doubt ourselves.

When you fail, it's okay to stay down for a minute to regroup. It's okay to get upset with yourself for not living up to the expectations you or someone else had set. However, when you fail, please do not stay there. Do not let your slip up become the way you live. Remember that even though you've failed, you've also succeeded, and you can succeed again.

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