• James McNeil

What happens when we lift each other up...

The other day, I was dealing with negative thoughts. Impostor syndrome was hitting hard, and I was wondering why I had the audacity to believe I could make a difference. (Yes, I am still overcoming these issues.) I felt on edge, and I did not know why.

By the way, admitting that was a huge victory. I had believed for years that if I didn’t have a reason to feel on edge that I shouldn’t, and that led me to beating myself up for it, which led to further impostor syndrome and a vicious cycle. That morning, I did something I’ve also considered a victory. I asked for help.

Wait? You asked for help, and you consider that a victory?

Yes. Yes, I do. I consider it a victory to be able to ask for help because I had been paralyzed by the lies that I could not do so or people would think I was fake. I asked my brother, Richard Kaufman also known as the Comeback Coach to pray for me. He went above and beyond.

He posted everywhere (on various social media sites) about Finding Your Personal Mission, and how it impacted his life. I was in (happy) tears reading his kind words. Then this morning, I received a message from another friend about how it had impacted her life, and a comment saying “thank you for writing this.”

The encouragement I received this week has taught me two things. First, it’s amazing how much encouragement you can receive when you simply open yourself to it. Second, it’s reminded me that I can do the same. So can you. Find someone you can encourage today!

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