• James McNeil

Succeeding Daily and what it means

Have you ever dealt with a huge project that seemed like it would take forever? When you completed it, you felt like you’d succeeded because you were finally finished. It could have been a personal project, a college education, or any of a myriad of other ideas that would take a while to complete.

In my case, I recently graduated from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. When I received the diploma in the mail that signified my completion of a bachelor’s degree, I felt like I had succeeded. Likely you’ve felt the same way. Today I would like to share some good news. You did not succeed when you finished your project.

Wait. That’s good news?

Yes it is. You did not succeed then, because you succeeded long before then. When you worked hard on your project, and nobody recognized it, you succeeded. When you kept pushing even though you wanted to quit, you succeeded. When you finished your project (or in my case, I received my diploma), it was a recognition of the success you’d had along the way. Every day you worked for the time you’d complete your goal, and every day you were a success due to that one fact.

As you’re working to overcome the stress and anxiety that lead to suicidal thoughts and ideations, you would be wise to keep this in mind. When you’re facing what feels like overwhelming odds, you will likely want to quit. When you decide not to quit, you’ve already succeeded. When you decide to do what’s right for yourself instead of throwing a pity party, you’ve succeeded.

Celebrate. You don’t have to wait to celebrate. Do it today. You’re already a success.

As you endeavor to overcome the obstacles that lead to suicidal thoughts, remember to celebrate each day. You will read this and many other tips in Finding Your Personal Mission, at Amazon and Audible. Pick up your copy today!

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