• James McNeil

Robin Williams and us

I remember where I was when I heard that Robin Williams was gone. The news that he was no longer with us hit me hard enough, but when I heard how he’d died, it was worse. Robin Williams was known for his ability to make people smile. He was always quick with a joke, and his ability to seamlessly transition from one voice to the next was legendary.

He also had one of the sharpest minds of anyone I’d ever seen. He is one of very few who could get on stage with very little direction in mind and come up with a comedy show that would leave people sore from laughing so hard. Jonathan Winters had that unique talent, and Frank Caliendo does today. But this is a rare talent indeed.

Nobody would have ever dreamed Robin Williams was suffering. In fact, after his suicide, dozens of people came out with statements of how he was always smiling and seeking to help others smile. Then by the thousands, others made statements that said how common it was for those suffering to mask it with a smile.

If you are suffering, please know this. You do not need to suffer alone. That is the point behind the writing of Finding Your Personal Mission. You do not need to suffer alone. This book not only empowers those suffering, but also their family and friends to work together to overcome suicidal thoughts and ideations.

I’ve heard this and seen it on social media often, but it’s still true. I would rather listen to your struggles for hours than your eulogy once.

Remember, the world is a better place because you are in it.

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