• James McNeil

Let Life have the "last" word

It is no secret that 2020 has been a topsy-turvy year. Sporting events as well as other public events have been canceled, “social distancing” has become part of the lexicon, and schools across the country have even had to cancel commencement ceremonies.

Last month, Psychology Today asked if we are facing a post-covid-19 suicide epidemic, and the question is valid. With stress and anxiety at record levels, suicide has skyrocketed as well. Many states have seen spikes in the calls and texts to suicide hotline numbers.

What is the answer? In the book, Finding Your Personal Mission, I explore this answer. I am not a doctor, nor will I pretend to be. However, the steps outlined in this book are ones I have used personally and helped others through as well. If we want to overcome suicide as a society, we need to empower those struggling with thoughts of ending it all.

Stress, anxiety, and depression do not need to have the last word. We can overcome suicidal thoughts and ideations.

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