• James McNeil

Interested? Or Committed? (Part 3)

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain’s words still ring true over a hundred years after he said them. In the two previous blog entries on this page, you read about why it’s important to be committed to overcoming suicide rather than just interested.

Ken Blanchard and Michael Jordan have contributed already, and now Mark Twain’s wisdom joins in. Long before you hit obstacles like Michael Jordan did, you will have to do something that can seem overwhelming. You have to begin.

I faced this when I returned to college in 2018. I knew I had to work to finish the bachelor’s degree I was pursuing, but I did not know how much until I attended orientation. I would have to earn close to one hundred forty credit hours to graduate! I had transferred to UNCW with fifty-seven credit hours but looking at how much I would have to earn seemed overwhelming.

I did not quit, but I considered it briefly. That became even more of a thought once I realized I needed to pass calculus to graduate as well. I would even need to pass calculus to even be admitted to the business school!

Chances are you know the struggle of facing what seems like an overwhelming obstacle, such as overcoming the obstacles that lead to suicidal thoughts and ideations. And the overwhelming nature of the task can make you not want to start. But here’s an uncomfortable truth.

If you do not start, you will never succeed.

Being interested means that you’d like to do something. Being committed means you will do it. Being committed means you begin as intimidating as it is. Will you fail along the way? I did. I failed college algebra my first time through. But you will not succeed unless you take that first step.

Take that step. Make it happen.

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