• James McNeil

Hidden Good News

If you’ve got a big goal you are striving to achieve, I have good news for you. This good news is hiding though, so you may need to read it twice before you get it. You will probably fail on your first try.

Wait? That’s good news?

Yes, that’s good news. It’s good news because of one key word that is so easily overlooked. The word “first” implies that you can try again. We can so easily get stuck on the idea that we will fail when we first try something, we can forget that fact. You get more than one try!

In the movie, “The Next Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi is instructing his newest pupil on a difficult technique. It involved a jumping kick that would take her from a precise beginning to a precise ending. It was demonstrated in a rock garden that consisted of three large rocks and a great deal of sand. For this demonstration to work, she was to jump from one of the larger rocks to a smaller one while completing the kick in mid-air.

On her first time, she crashed to the sand before declaring the kick was impossible. Mr. Miyagi’s response was that anything you try for the first time is, but that she must make the attempt.

The exact same is true for you. When you step out to try something new, chances are extremely high that you will fail on your first attempt. In fact, if you do not fail on your first attempt, you have not set your goal high enough. (Read that statement again.)

Set your goals high. You will fail on your first attempt, but the good news is that you have another try.

Obstacles like impostor syndrome can seem too big to overcome. You are likely to struggle from time to time, and you will probably feel like a failure at least once. This is not bad news. You can keep going, and you can overcome these obstacles. If you'd like to know more about impostor syndrome and other obstacles you can overcome, check out Finding Your Personal Mission, available on Amazon and Audible today!

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