• James McNeil

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Are you okay?

The other day, I logged into facebook on my phone. I was on break from work, and I had a few minutes. So I wanted to browse the social media world and see what my friends were up to. When I did, I got a surprise. You see, I share my blog posts on my Facebook page as well as on my personal page. Facebook must have thought I was dealing with serious stress and considering a permanent end to a temporary problem because the message I saw on the app was one asking if I was okay (due to the content I’d been posting).

At first my reaction was one of “that’s odd” and then I realized that even though it may seem like an overstep to do so, this is what we should be doing for each other. Facebook was asking me if I was okay. That was awesome to me.

Have you checked on someone today? Has anyone checked on you? If not, I’d like to ask. Are you okay? Is there something we can do to help?

Remember this. The world is a better place because you are here. Your story is not over yet.

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