• James McNeil

Don't just "begin"

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The great majority of men are bundles of beginnings.” Les Brown referred to the graveyard as the “richest place on earth” due to the abundance of “hopes and dreams” unfulfilled there, the “books that were never written, songs that were never sung, and inventions that were never shared…” because of fear. This fear is manifest in impostor syndrome.

What are we afraid of? What is it that drives us to keep these books, songs, and inventions to ourselves? We could easily say it is fear of failing, and that would be half correct. But it is not all of it. We aren’t simply afraid of failing, but of being a failure or being perceived as one.

In 2017, I faced this personally because I was the guy that everyone turned to when they needed an uplifting word. I encouraged people then, but I ignored my own need for encouragement. When I felt overwhelmed on that September evening, I hesitated to reach out because of the fear of being perceived as a fake. “Oh you could uplift others, but you couldn’t uplift yourself?”

By now you’re probably reading this and nodding your head. You’ve felt this way, but you might’ve thought you were the only one. After all, social media posts would have us believe everyone else has their lives together, and we’re the only ones struggling. Absolutely NOTHING could be further from the truth. So read these next sentences twice. Then write them down.

You are not a failure because you struggle. Your struggles make you human; imperfectly human. There’s nothing wrong with this.

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