• James McNeil

Don't block your trauma; FACE it!

Recently, I learned about a concept I’d never heard of before. The concept is called “trauma blocking,” and it seems to be far more common than we’d like to believe. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media, binge drinking (or just drinking a lot) on the weekend, working all you can just because you can, or using food as a way to deal with being depressed, you are likely trauma blocking.

Why do we do this? One reason is the conditioning we’ve dealt with that tells us that admitting any weakness somehow makes us a failure. We believe that as long as we pretend everything is fine, then nobody will know how much we struggle and how much trauma we’re trying to overcome. The simple fact is this. Everyone you know is likely dealing with this, and it is not a sign of weakness.

You are not weak because you have trauma in your past. (Read that one again.)

This doesn’t mean you should wallow in your past, nor does it mean you have to overcome everything today. If you’ve been walking around with unfaced trauma for a long time, it’s going to take a long time to deal with it. Let yourself be human and trust the process. Find a close friend to whom you can open up and let them help you process what you’re facing. And remember that you are not a failure. You are human. You are imperfectly flawed, and that makes you human, not a failure. (Read that one again, too.)

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