• James McNeil

Daily Habits and Success

“The secret to your success is determined by your daily agenda.” John Maxwell 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle 

In September of 2017, I began a journey to overcome obstacles. These obstacles had led me to the point I had attempted a permanent end to a temporary problem. I knew I needed to change something to overcome these obstacles. On September 10th, I was given a key to do so. This key came in the form of a challenge from the friend to whom I had reached out for help. It is so subtle you might miss it. 

He gave me a verse of scripture and told me to meditate on that scripture daily for thirty days. If I failed to do so, I would be expected to do push-ups instead. I did not want to do push-ups, so I meditated daily.  

At the end of thirty days, I had a firm foundation of what the verse was trying to tell me. I also had an understanding of what I needed to do to overcome suicidal thoughts and ideations. I needed to be focused on it every day. Every day I needed to do something that would push me toward my goal of overcoming these thoughts. This could be as simple as reading something uplifting, reaffirming who I was and what I brought to the table, taking time to be grateful, or any of a myriad of other ideas that could elevate my mindset. 

The same applies to you. What you do to elevate your mindset is entirely up to you, but the secret is that you have to keep at it. The secret to your success in overcoming suicidal thoughts and ideations is truly determined by your daily agenda. There will be days you don’t feel like it. There will be days you need encouragement to do it. However, the more you take the time to elevate your mindset every day, the more you will succeed.  

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