• James McNeil

Chapter 6

For the past few weeks, the world has been edging toward lockdown. Now that we are effectively locked down, this raises a question. What next? When we finally start to move around again and leave our homes, what comes next?

It’s quite possible you will find yourself facing a familiar obstacle that seems to be universal. In fact, I call this obstacle the “Secret Ingredient of Success,” and it is the highlight of chapter 6 of Finding Your Personal Mission.


If success was a recipe, what would be the secret ingredient? What would be the one ingredient that brings to mind the image of a chef on a cooking show shielding the camera with his body while he adds it? Many people know the main ingredients to success. As it’s been stated in this book as well as dozens of others, you need to plan your path, organize your resources, lead yourself, and keep a firm control over how well you stay on the path you’ve set. These ‘ingredients’ to success should be well known by now. We could add the ingredients of talent, determination, and some people would state that you need money to be successful. But what would be the secret ingredient?


What would you call the secret ingredient to success; an obstacle we all face?

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