• James McNeil

Chapter 3

When you’re dealing with stress, it can easily develop to anger, either with others or yourself. How do you deal with anger? Chapter 3 of Finding Your Personal Mission addresses this issue with a simple answer.

Among the least popular of the emotions we can experience, anger ranks up there with sadness, insecurity, and loneliness as ones we’d rather simply avoid. However, anger does happen. When it does, we need to know how to handle it.
Anger can cause you not to think straight. Or as a German Proverb would say, “Fire in the heart sends smoke to the head.” This is something I learned firsthand when I was processing to leave the US Army.
Take a moment to forgive others that have hurt you. You will find yourself healing the instant you do so. Take a moment to forgive yourself also. Whether or not you believe you deserve it, do it. Whether or not you feel like it, do it. You’ll be amazed the difference it makes once you truly forgive yourself and you no longer hold your past misdeeds over your head. It is a license to let go of your mistakes and weaknesses while you push forward to finding and achieving your personal mission.
When you’re ready, the next chapter awaits

This chapter takes a close look at not only why holding on to anger is dangerous, but why forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean dismissing what happened. It was one of my more difficult chapters to write, and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me in writing it.

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