• James McNeil

Chapter 1

Facing suicidal thoughts can be a struggle. Sometimes out of the blue, a thought can hit you that goes along the lines of, “The world would be better off if you weren’t here.” If you’ve ever faced them, you know the struggle. If you’re currently facing them, know that you are not alone.

One of the main issues that feeds these thoughts is impostor syndrome. From the first chapter on impostor syndrome…

If you were to build a house, where would you start? Would you start with the roof? The walls? Maybe, you’d bring in furniture? Or you’d work on the doors and windows? If you’re shaking your head thinking I’ve lost my mind, please know that the sarcasm in these words is purely intentional. Of course, you’d start with the foundation. So, with my journey through dealing with suicidal thoughts and ideations, I had to do the same. I had to start with the foundational truth that I am not a fraud. I had to deal with impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome can be debilitating. It can not only stop you from moving forward, but it can also drag you back. It is up to us to deal with impostor syndrome, not only in ourselves, but also in those close to us.

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