• James McNeil

A big Thank You from me to you.

Thank you.

If you’re a new reader to this blog, thank you for checking it out. There is a variety of post topics to view, mostly centered around helping people with suicidal thoughts and ideations to overcome them. Feel free to read through these and email me at with suggestions for future post topics.

If you’ve been reading for a little while, thank you for sticking around. I write from the heart, and while my posts aren’t always perfect, they are authentic. I never want to come across as an expert, merely someone who is overcoming suicide daily and sharing the steps I use to help others.

If you’re currently reading this and thinking the world would be better off without you, pay close attention. That is a LIE. The world is a better place BECAUSE you are here, not in spite of it. You have something to bring to the table that nobody else can bring. If you aren’t here, then we miss out on you.

If you know someone who’s dealing with these thoughts, then you also need to pay attention. These are tips you can use to help someone else. Remember that the throwaway phrase “just call me if you need help” is NOT going to work. It just isn’t. You need to make that uncomfortable statement. “Let me help you.” You’re taking a risk. I know this. But that risk is so worth it to show your loved ones that you do care, beyond the simple, “call me” platitudes.

Stay tuned. There is more to come. Helping people overcome suicide is my passion, and I hope a little bit of that shows through my words.

As always, you can check out Finding Your Personal Mission on Amazon or Audible and learn more about how to overcome this demon of suicide and make it a distant memory.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Let’s make it a good one.ll.

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